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Does size matter???

All through my second pregnancy i did feel very conscience about the size of my bump and how my body was changing. I would be greeted with a look at my belly and then big wide eyes as in to mimic my tummy with the words 'thats a fine size bump there!' each time i would just respond with the usual 'I know' or roll the eyes up to heaven with a smile and pat my 'growing' bump. I knew people didn't say it with the intent of upsetting me but it did get me down or make me feel a bit uncomfortable. i found myself looking in the mirror in the morning asking myself 'can i get any bigger?' I always knew the answer was yes!!!

My first baby was 9lbs13oz.... yes i said that right. My second was 9lbs 12.5oz. Both babies just pure bundles of squishiness :) How else would my body have carried them? Of course it was going to get bigger! It was not only my tummy that grew.... i expanded everywhere but that's how my body coped! i know some girls are just all bump and that's fab for them but i'm not..... i'm all everywhere!!! On the other hand..... to be pregnant and to hear 'oh your tiny!' can be upsetting too as mum to be may think that something is wrong and baby isn't growing. I remember the day i gave birth to Noah, i was sitting next to my sister and i was looking at the difference in our thighs. Her two legs together still wasn't as big as one of mine. I was full of fluid, my skin was stretched and bouncy! After the birth i drank water like there was no tomorrow to start flushing out my body. Day by day, week by week my body started to return to its former self. Now as i sit here and type this i'm looking at my belly casts and dreaming about the next time i'm pregnant. My point is girls, embrace your bodies, your bumps, lumps, dimples, stretch marks and curves!!! Everyone is beautiful, every pregnant body is an amazing creation of life.... not matter what size or shape! Enjoy it, love it, appreciate it.

Love & light,



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