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About me

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My Philosophy

My approach to all things pregnancy is a gentle flow where mum and baby connect, breathe, move, create space, let loose and be free. :)


I like to think that I provide a warm, relaxed environment where expecting mums or new mothers can come into a class and just be. There are no expectations, you can come in and be quiet or you can come in and chat my ear off. I love to talk about all things related to birth, pregnancy and beyond.

My Story

Ok! So a little bit about myself!

In a nutshell..... I’m a mum to two adorable, sweet, funny amazing boys & a sassy little magic fairy. I love the outdoors, animals and spending time with my family!!! I married my best friend in 2013 and I’ve never looked back. Yoga is my passion and on this journey I realized that my true love is with anything pregnancy / baby!!!

to be more specific........

I first tried yoga in 2007 after my sister had her second baby. We wanted to spend a bit of time together and do something healthy so said we would give it a go. I was hooked straight away. Within 6 months I signed up for my first training with the YTTC under Nicole Henkel and from there I also did my first Pregnancy Yoga training with her. In 2012 after giving birth to my first son I decided to treat myself to another training. I trained with Carol Murphy, Green Lotus Yoga as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher for just under a year.

In 2015 I started my third training course up in the Elbowroom, Dublin. This is where I found my calling. See I had been teaching yoga for a good few years now, as a beginners teacher, vinyasa teacher and prenatal teacher but wanted to specialize in one thing...... pregnancy. I fell pregnant with my second son in 2015 so everything just molded into place. It was perfect. From here I went on and did my fourth training..... Mum & Baby Yoga.

In 2016 I trained in pregnancy massage (completed my therapeutic massage course way back in 2008) & in June 2017 I trained as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. In April of 2018 I completed my Doula training with Bridget Sheeran of Birth Know How and also did a day’s training is Aromatherapy for Childbirth.

In 2019 I competed an Advanced Pregnancy training up in the Elbowroom in Dublin. Covering Exquisite Sequencing and Deep relaxation with Melissa Curtis, Supporting women through spontaneous birth/ induction with Lisa Wilkinson & Sam Taylor & Teaching Couples Birthing Workshops with Lisa Wilkinson, Melissa Curtis & Private Midwives Ireland (Liz Halliday) & in 2020 I will finish the training with Supporting Pregnancy Structural Disorders: An in-depth study. I am also hoping to study under the lovely Uma Dinsmore Tuli in Pregnancy Yoga. I am always updating my training and increasing my knowledge as I want to provide the best service possible for mothers in Cork

I am basing myself around mum and baby. Providing a service to help mum with pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Love & light

"5 Stars for Linda

I attended prenatal yoga classes with Linda during both my pregnancies. Even though it was harder to get there during the second pregnancy (toddler at home!), I always felt energised after the class and really glad that I had made the effort to attend. I liked the moves and breathing techniques, and found they really helped during my two labours. I remember doing my 'figures of 8' up on the bed during my first labour!

Linda is very relaxed and welcoming in her teaching approach, and encourages sharing of hints and tips on everything pregnancy related between the mums to be. It helps that she is a mum herself and has been through it all. She has even inspired me into a funky pair of yoga leggings - I'm embracing my lumps and bumps in them too!

I'm now attending her 'Mum & Baby' yoga classes - they're a great way to get yourself back into doing a bit of movement after your baby, get out of the house and it helps that my little baby boy loves doing his yoga too! "



My Training
Certified Yoga Teacher

YTTC 2008-2009

Green Lotus Yoga 2012

Certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

The Elbowroom 2015

Advanced Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training 2019

Mum & Baby Yoga Teacher

The Elbowroom 2015

Pregnancy Massage 

Foxy Training 2016

Doula Training

Bridget Sheeran - Birth Know How 

"5 stars

Loved Linda's prenatal yoga. ..I painted my own toenails while in labour!! Class very zen and chilled out, really missed it once babs arrived."



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