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Why am i so tired?????

Following on from my first post 'Does size matter?' in my first pregnancy i was diagnosed with an under

active thyroid (Hypothyroidism) in the last month of gestation. Now i was gutted if I'm honest as i didn't like the thought of taking a tablet everyday. I remember the doctor asking me if i was tired but i was 36 weeks pregnant with 'a fine sized bump' ( hee hee ) so i just put it all down to pregnancy. After the birth i continued to take Eltroxin on a daily basis for maybe two years and then it seemed to balance itself out.

When we decided to try for our second child (& after a big ordeal trying to get my coil out, that will be another blog) my weight rocketed! i was eating healthily, running twice a week, yoga twice a week and i just couldn't get my weight down at all! This was a very low point in my life for me. i never had an issue with my weight and i just couldn't understand why or what the hell was happening. I'm not one for doctors but just said I'd get my bloods done and sure as you'd have it my thyroid was gone weird again. I went back on the Eltroxin and saw my weight slowly shift. I kept up the clean eating and exercise of course. I'm not sure if you are aware but thyroid function plays a big part in conception. It still took us not far off from a year to conceive little Noah.

Since having him my thyroid plummated and i ended up having to go to a consultant as i was just shattered and needed to sleep everyday. Some days i found myself to be very down and others i was fine. Girls you know yourself when you are so tired you are just in the mood for nothing. I would feel guilty then that i had wasted a day as i stayed in doors all day with the kids. She increased my Eltroxin from 25mg to 75mg and will monitor my bloods every 6 weeks until the New Year. I've been told to hold off getting pregnant again until my thyroid has been corrected as complications could follow if i did. After changing my dose i feel so much better. I do find if i don't take the tablets in the morning tho its throws me for the day. Also, note do not take your Eltroxin with other tablets as it will be knocked out as i was doing!!

If your having issues with your weight, maybe just feeling exhausted for no reason what so ever or finding it hard to fall pregnant there would be no harm in getting your bloods done. I'm going to include a websites just with thyroid info which i just simply googled

Love & light


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